Future Home of
Christian Heritage Museum at Jamestown, LLC. 
Jamestown Christian Fellowship Church, Inc.

Please consider partnering with us in purchasing a 9.9 acre piece of land for the future location of the Christian Heritage Museum at Jamestown and the JCFC Worship Center. We believe this project will impact our nation from the birthplace of our nation.

On December 13th, 2016 JCFC entered into a contract to purchase a piece of available commercial property to build at Jamestown. We have been waiting years for this opportunity. The current owners of the land were very gracious in allowing six months to raise the funds for this valuable piece of property. This 9.9 acre piece is within a short distance of the Jamestown Settlement and Historic Island where our nation was birthed in May of 1607.

Our vision to have a museum and worship center close to the original location where Rev. Robert Hunt ministered to the 101 English Colonists upon their arrival in 1607 is amazing. The church built in 1616 on Jamestown Island saw its last services held there in the mid-1700’s. Since then, 260 years have passed and our desire is to build the Christian Heritage Museum and bring worship back to the heart of our nation’s Judeo-Christian faith. 

Join us in embracing and investing in this amazing journey of faith to glorify God at the birthplace of America.
Funds donated for the purchase of the land will be moved to an escrow account. Please choose one of the giving buttons below if you wish to give to this vision. Thank you!